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Eyehike.com FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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·  What foods should I bring on a day hike?
·  Is it okay to throw away biodegradable items, like apple cores and banana peels?

·  What foods should I bring on a day hike?

For day hikes, we have found that bagels, mountain or pita bread; fruit such as oranges and apples; and gorp, chocolate or energy bars are ideal foods that pack a lot of energy and won't disintegrate on the trail. Many hikers pack traditional European-style lunches of bread, cheese, fruit and hard meats that don't require much refrigeration, such as pepperoni or summer sausage.

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·  Is it okay to throw away biodegradable items, like apple cores and banana peels?

No one likes hiking a trail littered with other people's trash. While items like apple cores and banana peels will eventually biodegrade, food leftovers of any kind diminish the outdoor experience for the hikers behind you. We recommend you carry out whatever you carry in and dispose of it properly elsewhere.

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I welcome you to my site, and hope you will find it useful.

many have contributed to its content, and to all of you a big thank you!.

Stop by my blogs as well for even more information related to hiking, fitness, and stuff...


Happy trails! HikingDrew

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