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I have been using the attached spreadsheet as a trip planner for some time, and thought I would share it. Feel free to use it, modify etc…
Wonderland Trail trip Planner

One way driving times without delays are as follows:

  • Longmire to Paradise ~25 minutes, 12 miles.
  • Paradise to Ohanapecosh via Stevens Canyon ~45 minutes, 23 miles.
  • Ohanapecosh to White River/SR410 Junction ~30 minutes, 17 miles.
  • White River/SR410 Junction to Sunrise ~45 minutes, 14 miles.
  • White River/SR410 Junction to Carbon River via Enumclaw ~ 2 hours, 60 miles.
  • Longmire to Carbon River via Eatonville/Orting ~2.5 hours, 80 miles.
  • Longmire to Mowich Lake via Eatonville/Orting ~3 hours, 89 miles.

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