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I have been using the attached spreadsheet as a trip planner for some time, and thought I would share it. Feel free to use it, modify etc…

Wonderland Trail trip Planner This is also available on my Google Docs page here
One way driving times without delays are as follows:

  • Longmire to Paradise ~25 minutes, 12 miles.
  • Paradise to Ohanapecosh via Stevens Canyon ~45 minutes, 23 miles.
  • Ohanapecosh to White River/SR410 Junction ~30 minutes, 17 miles.
  • White River/SR410 Junction to Sunrise ~45 minutes, 14 miles.
  • White River/SR410 Junction to Carbon River via Enumclaw ~ 2 hours, 60 miles.
  • Longmire to Carbon River via Eatonville/Orting ~2.5 hours, 80 miles.
  • Longmire to Mowich Lake via Eatonville/Orting ~3 hours, 89 miles.

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