About us

Drew here… I have been a lifelong hiker/Backpacker who got settled in the Northwest as a young boy when my family moved to the Tacoma area. In addition to wandering the outdoors on two feet, my alternate passion is Cycling.. You can see some of my adventures in cycling at Nwvelo.comĀ 

Great credit to this site has to go to my great friend Switchback Steve.. I’ll let him introduce himself, but needless to say, we have put down many a mile backpacking all over the Northwest and even found ourselves wandering the mountains of California on the JMT!

Steve here; I grew up in Oregon and Alaska. Living in Anchorage I developed a love for getting outdoors where I backpacked, hiked, and met my wife. My job gave me the choice to move to Washington State where I jumped into hiking, backpacking, and snowshoeing. I’ve worked on this site to provide hard to find information such as GPS data and maps so that other hikers can be safe while enjoying the outdoors. I look forward to meeting you on the trail somewhere.