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Vicinity Location: Crater Lake National Park

The trailhead is 95 miles southeast of Eugene, OR in Crater Lake National Park.

Drive from Park Headquarters generally east on East Rim Drive for 4.4 miles. The trailhead is at a small parking area on the left.

There is no bathroom at the trailhead. The closest public restroom was passed at Vidae Falls, about 1 mile back along East Rim Drive.

A National Park entry permit is required to park at the trailhead.

Pets are not allowed on this trail.

Length and Elevation:
.75 mile round trip Elevation gain 160 feet and loss of 160 feet for the loop. Total gain and loss is 320 feet. Elevation
at the trailhead is about 6,400 feet.

Sun Notch Trail.

There are no geocaches along this trail.

Trail Maps:
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Review: July 27, 2012.
This hiking trail begins in an open forest and climbs somewhat steeply away from the road. The valley the trail climbs was formed by a glacier that was once on Mt. Mazama.

The trail soon becomes very dusty as it continues up through a meadow to a fork
in the trail. Taking the right trail gets all the elevation gain when you reach
the first viewpoint of Crater Lake. There is a great view of the Phantom Ship
Rock. Turn left after admiring the view and walk downhill near the rim of the
crater. Be careful and don’t walk too close to the edge because the soil is loose
and you could slip and fall down the cliffs.

Walking near the edge provides great views of distant mountains in the north,
and of Garfield Peak which looms above you. The views from this trail really
highlight the royal blue of Crater Lake. You can see snow down at the lake into
August most years and the shallow water is opalescent in places.

The next viewpoint has fine views to the far-down lakeshore but there are
better views just ahead. Continue walking a little farther along the rim to the
final viewpoint. From here you have another wonderful view of Phantom Ship Rock.

Return back to the second viewpoint and turn right, going downhill on a very dusty
trail. It soon joins the main trail and returns to the parking area.

This is an easy trail because it is such a short distance and becomes quite
crowded on sunny weekends. It is a good walk for young, experienced hikers
because there are cliffs.

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