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From Portland, take Highway 26 west for about 20 miles. Take the left exit for Hwy 6 towards Banks, Tillamook, and Forest Grove. This is also known as the Wilson River Highway. Continue on Highway 6 for 51 miles to Tillamook. Beware of patrol cars looking for speeders on this highway and around Tillamook.Turn left at Main Ave. onto US-101 south. Follow US-101 south for 7.2 miles. Turn left towards Munson Falls State Park. Drive on Munson Creek Road towards Munson Falls Natural Site. The pavement ends after about .7 mile from Highway 101. Turn left 1 mile from Highway 101 into the Munson Falls Natural Area.

Cross over Munson Falls and bear right and wind through the trees into the parking area for Munson Falls. The parking area holds about 15 cars and can easily fill on a summer weekend day.

No permits are needed for parking.

Seasonal bathrooms is available at the trailhead. The next closest restroom is 2 miles north of the intersection of Highway 101 and Munson Creek Road.

Length and Elevation:
.25 mile one way. Elevation at the trailhead is 320 feet. Elevation gain is 30 feet and loss is 0 feet to the waterfall viewing area. The high point on the trail is 350 feet.

Munson Creek Falls Trail.

Trail Maps:
Topo Map

Review: March 22, 2009
There is a mix of cedar, spruce, and alder in the area. There is a small picnic area with a couple of tables with a barbeque stand for people who want to have lunch here.

The trail is at the south end of the parking lot and is hard to miss. The trail is well maintained and and any places for puddles or muddy areas of the trail have been well graveled.

Munson Creek Falls valley is home to the fourth tallest Sitka Spruce tree in Oregon. This is a young tree, protected by the steep sided valley from the gusty south and west windstorms that frequent the Oregon Coast in the winter. With an ample water supply from the nearby creek, expect this tree to someday become the tallest Sitka Spruce in Oregon. The tree is about 500 feet up the trail and growing on the far side of Munson Creek.

The waterfall viewpoint looks out at the waterfall tumbling down the cliff. Munson Creek Falls cascades 319 feet down a cliff at the head of the valley. This is the tallest waterfall in the Coast Range and it is surprising how the waterfall looks so big, yet the stream through the valley seems so small.

This trail is fine for children. The trail is well-graveled and Munson Creek is small and shallow. There are no cliffs or large dropoffs along this trail. This very short hike can easily be combined with another hike in the area.

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