Review: January 28, 2019

Usage Considerations
If you add powders or drink things other than water then this may not be the system for you. If you want simplicity, light weight, and ease of use then you should use the 3 liter Platypus Hoser.

This system weighs in at about 4 ounces and with the optional accessories, 4.25 ounces or 124 grams.

I have used this system for over 10 years and prefer it to the others I’ve seen. This light weight and simplicity seem like good advantages to me. I am usually careful to empty out the bladder and hose when I get back from a trip.

I find that some filters don’t screw on to the threads and that can be a bit cumbersome. When I wasn’t using the bite valve cover for the dirt guard then I could pop off the bite valve and attach the hose directly to my water filter.

I really like that the bladder is clear because it is easy to see if there is anything foreign in it. Typically I only put 2 liters of water into the bladder. That usually gets me between water sources, the bladder is flatter, and it fits into packs much better.

If you haven’t used this type of system before, make sure you screw the hose on snugly because the hose is meant to come out of the bottom of the bladder. I’ve never had to screw the cap on super-tightly so don’t over-tighten.

I have worn out two bladders. Each one lasted about 5 years before cracking at the hose. Reinforcing and sealing the cracks with silicone cement extended their lives a couple of years. I got a new setup in the middle of 2018 and the new material looks more flexible and should be longer lasting.

The plastic bladder is pretty tough. I’ve dropped it a couple of times in bushes and it hasn’t had a hole poked in it. I like that there is a grommet-like hole opposite the hose so you can hang it up in camp and easily get your cooking water.

Having a bite valve cover is a must because without one you will be dropping the mouthpiece into the dirt at least once a day. Also, if your bite valve starts to leak a little then the cover stops the water from dripping down your shirt. The system comes with a little clip to attach to your pack strap which works pretty well but there are other clips on the market that attach to your pack strap so the clip doesn’t get lost.

I now use a Sawyer water filter that I have modified to screw directly onto this bladder and I think it is the perfect setup. The entire water system that allows me to carry 3.7 liters of water weighs 196 grams or 6 1/8 ounces (less the water of course).

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