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Vicinity Location:
The trailhead is about 15.4 miles Northwest of Portland, OR.

From Portland, OR, At the junction of I-405 and Hwy 30, take exit 3 for Hwy 30 West. Drive past Corneilus Road as 12 miles northwest of Portland and continue for about another 6.5 miles. At 16.4 miles from the junction of I-405 and Hwy 30, trun left onto NW Rocky Point Road. This is just past a highway weighing station. After turning left onto NW Rocky Point Road, drive 1.4 miles up the road to the first blue gate and barrier on the left. Park in the small parking at the trailhead or drive up just a bit to another parking area on the right.

No permits are required.

There are no bathrooms at this trailhead.

Length and Elevation:
5.5 miles round trip. Elevation gain 450 Feet and loss 450 feet round trip. Elevation at the trailhead is 650 feet and the high point is 1,065 feet.

Unnamed logging roads with connections to other unnamed roads and trails.

Trail Maps:
Topo Map

A sag pond is defined as a small, permanent pond that is caused from a depression formed over a strike-slip earth crust fault or by a landslide that creates a natural dam which becomes filled with water.

Review: January 25, 2009
Walk past the blue metal gate and down the logging road. GPS coordinates are helpful due to the number of logging roads in the area.

The trail passes a second set of posts as the trail drops down to cross a small creek then begins to climb past a dead-end junction on the right. The road passes underneath a set of powerlines that will reappear a couple more times.

At .6 mile from the trailhead, the road climbs up to a ridge and passes waypoint JCT01. Keep to the right at this junction and cross over the ridge at .9 mile. A mountain bike trail crosses the road and the trail on the right will be used on the return trip. The road drops down and passes under the powerlines and there is a very nice view looking towards Portland.

At waypoint JCT02, .9 mile from the trailhead, is a Y-junction where you turn right and head uphill. Just past JCT02 is another dead-end road leading to the right. This section of the trail is gravelled with local basalt from the Tualatin Mountains. In places the rocks are packed so tightly it is like walking on cobblestones. The road is walked on and driven on enough so the grass in the road is short and there is no mud even in the rainy season.

Abouit 1.1 miles from the trailhead is the next junction, JCT03. This junction is where the return loop rejoins the trail. Head up the right fork and climb a fairly steep grade for the next .5 mile.

At JCT04, bear left.

At JCT05, bear left for about .1 mile to the high point of this hike. Wander off to the east for views of Portland. The views are becoming blocked by the douglas fir which are quickly reclaiming the clear-cut.

At JCT06, bear left, along a ridge and pass two roads that drop down into a clear-cut. The road has blackberries growing out of it, but this is the correct path.
Full Review by 2/28/2009.

At JCT07, the road makes a sharp left and you can see the remains of an old blue tarp in the distance. Turn right and look for flagging that marks a path into the forest. After about 100 feet, the trail becomes a soft path darkened by the close forest canopy. The trail drops fairly steeply for .3 mile with a clear-cut just to the east.

At JCT08 turn left.

At JCT09 bear left and return to JCT03.

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